Tochka XS app

Tochka XS is a banking and tax app specifically designed for freelancers.

The app aims to provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for freelancers, simplifying the often complex process of managing taxes and finances for self-employed individuals.
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Enhancing User Experience for Freelancers at Tochka Bank

Tochka Bank is an online financial institution catering to entrepreneurs and enterprises. With over 400,000 clients and a growing user base, Tochka offers a complex online banking platform that includes a wide variety of tax types and business categories. This complexity can sometimes lead to difficulties in navigating the interface, prompting users to seek assistance from the bank's staff. Freelancers and small businesses, in particular, face challenges due to their limited experience with accounting practices. Recognizing the growing freelance market, Tochka aimed to expand its services to better serve the needs of freelancers. The goal was to create a streamlined and user-friendly experience tailored to the unique requirements of these businesses.
Tochka Bank needed to simplify its online banking platform for users without advanced accounting skills, while still providing all the necessary information about tax transactions. The challenge was to strike a balance between user-friendliness and comprehensive information presentation.
To address this challenge, Tochka Bank undertook a strategic approach, guided by a strong design and development team and an experienced head of product who had successfully launched a well-designed online bank, Rocket Bank. The following steps were taken to create a more user-friendly experience for freelancers:

1. Identifying User Needs: The team analyzed the specific requirements of freelancers and compiled a list of features relevant to their needs.

2. User Flows and Experience Design: A team, including the case study author, worked on creating intuitive user flows that would make the banking experience easy for freelancers. The goal was to simplify tasks while ensuring quick access to important details.

3. Usability Testing: Real-life usability tests were conducted with a focus group of freelancers. This allowed the team to gather valuable feedback, identify pain points, and refine the user flows.

4. Iterative Improvements: Feedback from usability tests was incorporated into the design and functionality of the platform. Changes were made to enhance visibility, such as altering the assistant icon and making the "Log Information" button more prominent. The visual structure was also improved to enhance clarity.
The efforts of the team led to the development and launch of the Tochka XS app, specifically designed for freelancers. The app included simplified user flows and interfaces, as well as a prominent "Log Information" button for quick access to transaction details. The beta version of the app was tested with 100 users over the course of a year. The user feedback collected during this period further refined the app's features and usability. Two years later, Tochka XS app was merged with Tochka X, a more comprehensive app offering a wider range of financial services.
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Key Takeaways
This case study highlights the importance of understanding user needs and tailoring services to specific user groups. By conducting real-life usability tests, Tochka Bank was able to gather direct feedback from its target audience and make iterative improvements to create a more user-friendly platform. The success of the Tochka XS app demonstrated the potential for financial institutions to adapt and expand their services to accommodate the evolving needs of different customer segments, such as the growing freelancer market.